How much can your home earn?

Fast Facts

Second Income Source

Having a second home in a desirable area can be turned into a rental property and become a second source of income

Expense Write Offs

For tax purposes, a second home rented for 14(+) days is considered a business. As a result, you can deduct many expenses associated with keeping up with and repairing the property.

Increase In Value

An investment in a vacation rental can be a sound financial strategy. The value of real estate tends to increase over time in popular vacation locations.

How we support you

24/7 Support & Monitoring

To ensure the best experience for both guests and homeowners, we manage the entrance to your property with a digital local. We can also professionally install smoke/noise detection alarms, RING video doorbells, and have 24-hour monitor of these devices.

Premium Cleaning

We maintain the nation’s best housekeepers in all our markets, so your home will never miss a cleaning and always be 100% guest-ready.

Dedicated local teams

With Dream Lux management there is nothing you need to do, we take care of everything. We provide a 360° style management, handling everything: linen, cleaning, construction, gardening & maintenance.

Let us work for you!


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