Vacation Rental Investment

4x greater return vs traditional real estate

Dream Lux Retreats provides buyers of vacation homes with an unbeatable full service.

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We are a real estate investment brokerage that uses a client-focused approach in all transactions. We have multiple locations across the East Coast of Florida. We specialize in Vacation Rental properties, assisting our buyers through every aspect of the transaction


Our aim is to recommend a specific renovation plan that is both cost-effective and will maximize the annual average short-term rental income based on the purchase budget, financial options, and personal interests of each client.


Our experts will visit to determine the best design for your property, bring it to life with stunning photography, and optimize your property's attraction to guests. Our services include complete furnishing, stylish decorating, and stocking of amenities of vacant properties. We organize kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms professionally.

Fast facts

Vacation Rental Industry Revenue

Revenues for the Vacation Rental Industry exceeded projections by more than $29 billion in 2019.

Vacation Rental Properties

Vacation rental properties are projected to dominate the hotel industry by 2021.

What Is A Good ROI?

A good return on investment for rental property is 10% - anywhere between 5% and 10% is acceptable.


Expert rental industry insights

Globally, the vacation rental market size was estimated at $87.09 BILLION USD in 2019,
And in 2020-2027 the market is forecast to increase 3.4%.

20% of the world's vacation rental companies are located in the United States.

We take a client focused approach in all transactions. We specialize in vacation rental properties, assisting our buyers through every aspect of the transaction.

Decide on an attractive vacation spot:

It is crucial to pick a location that is attractive to renters (near the coast, on a lakefront, or near a popular travel destination).

Income & Expenses Calculations:

You need to calculate the house's income and expenses after identifying your potential property, but before purchasing it. Vacant or not, make sure you can afford it.

Operation Services can be hired:

If you purchase a vacation home, you will need to manage the day-to-day operations (maintenance, repairs, lawn, pool, cleaning, etc.). Your property can be managed either by someone you hire or by you.

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